Uncle 1's Birthday Party September 3, 2000


 What a cake ! for Uncle Big !


 After this rehearsal, we shall hold hands.


 "Sisters" in black and white.


 We are representing all the people from New Zealand.


Grandpa ! I'll come back to see you even though I may be away. I think that will make you happy. Pauline: That makes me happy too.


 The happy wanderer and the happy mom. Mom thinking: I see peach flower in your face.


 The young samuari has grown up. (you have to see "training a young samurai" to understand what it means)


 Hay, Francis is Jody P......... Uncle 1: May be.

 Tim: Do I look like General Chiang Kai Shek ? Auntie 1: Very much so.


 Uncle 1: Is it real gold ? Francis: Yes, no less real than your molar.


 I cannot describe how deeeply moved I am.......


 What a blessing ! we can be next to one another years after years. One concept in four people's minds.


 Good organizing team !


 Do not forget us ? we are involved too.


 We, too.


 We, too