Self Guided Tour. Mexico City and Vicinities.

Some Gears for Self guided tour in Mexico City
Metro (Subway) of Mexico City (2 peso - about 20 US Cents per journey unlimited time and unlimited transfer). It connects directly to the airport Linea: 5 Station: Terminal Area.
Metro Entrance (Photographing Prohibited) No Tocar.
Metro Cars. System similar to Metro of Paris. Rubber wheels (1sh+2bv+1sh)x4 per car. Very efficient. Less crowded than HK MTR. Front Cars designated for Ladies only in busy time. No Tocar for security reason.
Four Autobuses Terminals (N.S.W.E)connect Vicinity towns/Cities and the Metro Systems. The Northern Terminal (Terminal de Autobuses Norte) has buses running to the States.
Good and reliable food VIPS Chain. Location: Metro: Linea 7: Station: Insurgentes (walk towards Monument of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma).
Firework preparation. Bascilica de Guadalupe. Metro: Linea 6 Station: La Villa-Bascilica
Airport Taxi Coupon Counters. Left - ordinary. Right-Limousine (charge per zoning) (240 peso about US$24 for zone to downtown for Limousine). Purchase coupon before boarding Taxi.(ignore all other lobbies; or other taxi services offers.).Alternative transport to Metropolitan. Metro Linea: 5 Station: Terminal Area.Luggage not allowed. But trolley bags OK.
Saturday Market. Zocalo. Metro Linea 2: Station: Zocalo.
Mexican Girl (black) (Zocalo)
Mexican Girl (white) (Airport)
Saturday Market. Zocalo.Metro Linea 2: Station: Zocalo. Sometimes give out free stuff in the white tents.(e.g. Condom for safe sex or birth control)
High End shopping Center. Coyocan. Metro Linea 3. Station: Coyocan (right at the station). Very good security.
WalMart SuperCenter (Like WalMart + SuperStore in Canada) Metro Linea 3 Station: M.A. de Quevedo (right at the station)
Suburbia (Ladies stuff Department Store)Metro Linea 3 Station: M.A. de Quevedo (right at the station) adjacent to Walmart
Banner showing how to pronounce HSBC in Spanish ("a" is pronounced as "a" in "father". "e" is pronounced as "a" in English).(6 syllables instead of 4 syllables in English).Metropolitan Hotel, Avenida Juarez, Centro HIstorico, Mexico City.
Liquidation Shoe Shop Near Metro Linea 8 Station: San Juan de Letran. (most shops are protected by anti thief and anti robbery devices similar to this one.) Anti thief functions similiar to Canada. For the anti robbery function. It works like this: A gun or a telescope baton will set off the alarm within 2 to 3 feet.(tested, very effective)
Shoes pricing.Pay $245 up front. Or pay down payment of $24.50 and the rest by 5 fortnghtly installments of $52; or the rest by 10 fortnightly installmens of $27. Very flexible. The price of the the pair of shoes is about US$24.50
Bus to Teotihuacan (Pyramids) at Metro Linea 5 Station: Autobuses Del Norte (Terminal Central de Norte)Fare 25 peso (US$2.5) one way. Journey time about 1 hour arriving at Teotihuacan terminal at South Western Parking area of the Pyramid site.
Teotihuacan Site Map (entrance fee 38 peso (US$3.80)).Public transport (buses) back to Mexico City at SW Parking Area.
Overlooking Pyramid of the Moon from Pyramid of the Sun.)Teotihuacan.
The best Bakery in town. El Globo, at A.V. 16 De Septembre. East of EJE Central Lazaro Cardenas. Metro. Linea 8. Station: San Juan de Letran
Terminal Central de Norte.(buses available running to the States.
Terminal Central de Sur. Autobuses to Cuernavaa. Metro Linea 2 Station: Tasquerna
Autobus to Cuernavaca. Recommended company. Pullman de Morelos. Fare 55 peso (app. US$5.50) Journey 1 hours 15 minutes between Mexico City and Cuernavaca.(Photo taken at Cuernavaca terminal at Zocalo-South of Centro)
Cathedral at Cuernavaca.At junction of Morelos and Hidalgo
Fruit Stall in Cuernavaca. On Morelos.
Public Market in Cuernavaca (Mercado Adolfo Lopez Mateos on Lopez Mateos in Curenavaca Centro).
Woman slicing off spikes of Cactus selling it as edible vegetable. Public Market (Cuernavaca) Lopez Mateos.
Public Market.Cuernavaca. Selling bees in bags. Could also pick your own bees.
Termiinal Central Poniente (West) Autobuses to Toluca, Capital of Mexico. Metro linea 1 Station: Observatorio. (Recommended bus to Toluca ETN)Fare for ETN (luxury coach service 45 peso app. US$4.50 Journey 1 hours 15 minutes.
Winnie boarding ETN bus at Tuluca on journey back to Mexico City. (1 hr 15 minute trip. Free cokes and snacks. Premiere movie. 21 seaters with the size of a full size coach. Could lie flat down with integrated leg rest.Fare 45 peso (app. US$4.50 price at 10 peso (US$1.00) higher than its competitor Caminate which charged 35 peso
Winnie on board ETN Autobus, proudly showing her free refreshment.
Tuluca, AV Miguel Hidalgo (Near Junction 5 De Mayo) Left is Automobile University.
ISSSTE supermarket and superstore all in one at Junction of Dolores/Delicia, Centro Historico, Mexico City. Metro linea 7 or 8 Station: Salto del Agua
Inside ISSSTE, chicken (Pollo) are abundant in Mexico, price is cheap, so is Chicken Brooth. 1 Kg of Knorr just costs US$3.00
Some picks from ISSSTE and public market at Lopez (near Salto del Agua Station). Recommend 100% Mango Juice 2.35 peso and Alpura 2000 milk 3.55 peso -no different from direct sucking from the cow's breast except less warm.
China Town at Dolores/Independence, Mexico City.
Dining, trying out Molcajete Mixto in Gante Cafe, at Gante #1 Loc. 4,5 Col. Centro, Mexico City.(Excellent Meal). 98.50 peso per stone pot (total 2) Corona 16.50 peso
Museo Exhibit, Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City. Metro linea 7 Station: Auditorio, West on Pasio de La Reforma
Mexico probably has got a very mature, perfume industry, Lot of Perfume mixing shops are visible. This shop is one of the many perfume shops on Tabuca.Metro Linea 2 Station Allende on Tabuca, go west.
March 2004.To be continued.